Namib Desert Tour with Charlys Desert Tours


Our way from Swakopmund to one of the oldest deserts in the world leads us at first to the old steam engine “Martin Luther“ which was thought to be a replacement for the ox wagons in 1896. You will hear interesting stories about the colonial times of german South West Africa while you continue to the dry river bed of the Swakop which only carries water in the rare heavy rain years. We drive along the Swakop river bed and discover in this wide and rough area beautiful minerals, “living stones“ and age old plants like the prehistoric Welwitschia Mirabilis.


The geological history of Namibia lies in front of us like an open book, and as the Namib Desert is close to the Atlantic coast it shows a unique flora. Lichens and rare Nara plants match perfectly with the climate.


Activity Option 1
Half Day Namib Desert Tour (4,0 h Tour)
Your guide will brief you on early colonial history on your way out of town. Passing several crop & leisure orientated farms on the way to the legendary Welwitchia mirabilis seeing several perfectly adapted desert floras. Almost certainly you will see some animals like Oryx, Klipspringer , Springbok, Jackal, Ostrich and even some desert creatures like chameleons & lizards. You will be treated on breathtaking views of the entire Moon landscape and interesting rock formations ensuring an unforgettable desert experience.


  Pick-up from Beach Hotel Swakopmund: 08h30 (included) or 14h00 (included)
  Start of activity:    08h45 – 09h00 or 14h15 – 14h30
  Price per adult:   N$ 730
  Price per child (up to 12 years) N$ 430


Activity Option 2
Full Day Namib Desert Tour (8,0 h Tour)
A full day experience covering all aspects of the half day tour, more datailed and extented. Includes a nice picnic lunch in the shade of the majestic rock formations.

  Pick-up from Beach Hotel Swakopmund: 08h30 (included)
  Start of activity:    08h45 – 09h00
  Price per adult:   N$ 1.300
  Price per child (up to 12 years) N$ 800


Minimum participant for both options: 4 persons


As most of our guests are staying only a few days in our wonderful town we strongly recommend to pre-book the activities with us.
The availability of a few activities are sometimes very limited.


This activity can be pre-booked together with an accommodation via our Real Time Online Reservation System!